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The Chopped product line consists of materials in a nominal 3” – 5” bed depth with heights varying 2” – 14” depending on the specific product that is selected. Lengths for these products will vary from 6” – 36” with the average being 12” – 24”. Custom Chopped sizes are available depending on the sizing request.


Oklahoma Multi-color Chopped
Oklahoma Multi-color Squares & Recs
Oklahoma Multi-color Ledgestone
Silvermist Chopped
Silvermist Ledgestone
Silvermist Squares & Recs
Laguna Chopped
Laguna Squares & Recs
Laguna Ledgestone
Michi Smoked Chopped
Michi Smoked Squares & Recs
Michi Smoked Ledgestone
Custom Blends